Saves time and finances

One of the biggest advantages of a prefabricated building is the speed of implementation. Unlike a brick house, which takes months to build, it can be built in a few weeks. It provides quick housing and with all the comforts of classic housing.

Lower operating costs

Prefabricated wooden buildings offer lower operating costs and are friendly to nature and your health - they do not contain any harmful components. You can enjoy a pleasant climate at home all year round.  In addition, wood is an airy material that prevents the formation of mold.

Precise workmanship

Even the smallest details are elaborate, so you don't have to worry about any defects or poor quality. A prefabricated house represents full-fledged housing and it is comparable to a brick building in all respects.



We will help you save - our houses are energy efficient.


We don't burden the environment - we use materials from renewable sources.


Nous construisons des maisons de qualité à prix abordable.


We use precise thermal insulation.


You pay for a finished building - the agreed price is final.

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Modern, healthy housing

KESEYA Swiss wooden buildings are made of renewable materials that do not unnecessarily burden nature. The result is a harmonious and healthy living environment.