Do you need to make construction a bit easier, or do you want to finish your house by yourself? We also build rough family house structures.

All you have to do is choose your favorite in the offer of our standardized houses; after you obtain a building permit from the building authority, construction can begin.

We always take great care in constructing a rough building - we are well aware that a precisely executed foundation will significantly simplify further construction work.  We make sure to follow the necessary construction principles precisely and deliver exactly what you ordered.



We will help you save - our houses are energy efficient.


We don't burden the environment - we use materials from renewable sources.


Nous construisons des maisons de qualité à prix abordable.


We use precise thermal insulation.


You pay for a finished building - the agreed price is final.

Are you interested in Rough structure of house? Write us.

Bořivoj Buchta


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Modern, healthy housing

KESEYA Swiss wooden buildings are made of renewable materials that do not unnecessarily burden nature. The result is a harmonious and healthy living environment.