Double energy and finance savings

Standardized semi-detached house projects that you will find with us are all aimed at significant savings and modern design. They are especially suitable for urban and rural buildings. We often see them in development projects, when even whole new neighborhoods are created.

From an economic point of view, they are very practical - you save extra because you will always be heated by your neighbors on one side and vice versa.  Also, the purchase of land and construction will come significantly cheaper.

Are you interested in a semi-detached house project, but you think it's still missing something? No problem - we also make individual adjustments.



We will help you save - our houses are energy efficient.


We don't burden the environment - we use materials from renewable sources.


Nous construisons des maisons de qualité à prix abordable.


We use precise thermal insulation.


You pay for a finished building - the agreed price is final.

Are you interested in Semi-detached houses? Write us.

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Modern, healthy housing

KESEYA Swiss wooden buildings are made of renewable materials that do not unnecessarily burden nature. The result is a harmonious and healthy living environment.